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LG is one of the leading manufacturers of various technically developed products like washing machine, television, freeze, etc. This brand also produces mobile phones, and LG phones are quite liked by people over the past few years. However, some issues like fast battery drain, slow charging of the phone and overheating has been registered by the users in the past few days.

These are the issues consumers of LG G3 are facing and because of that a question has been raised regarding the quality of products produced. Is it really the company’s fault or people are using the phone in a wrong way?

Well, we commit a number of mistakes while using our phone and that results in negative outcome such as overheating of the phone or battery drain at a higher speed.

Reasons behind the issue with LG G3

 A number of reasons can be blamed for fast battery drain in the phone. Installation of an excessive number of applications in your phone, which consumes a lot of power if remained, turned on all the time, not using a battery saver app, not wiping cached data at particular time intervals, not updating software present in your phone, etc. are some of the major reasons.

A lot of gaming applications present in your phone and use of GPS of your phone to track any location at social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can also be some of the reasons for fast battery drain of your LG G3.

A lot of consumers have complained that LG G3 battery drains while charging or it gets charged quite slowly when in use. Well, this is the issue with a lot of Android phones and that’s why it is suggested to keep your phone free or in airplane mode to charge it fast.

Solutions to stop fast battery drain

Closing the running app, which you may be unaware of, is one of the solutions to save your phone’s battery. To do so, you should visit the settings, choose apps and see the running apps by swiping the apps option to left. After that, you can select and stop the irrelevant apps that are contributing to the battery drain of your phone.

If you are a user of LG G3, you must download Greenify, which is a battery saver app specially designed for phones like LG G3. This app keeps all the applications present in your device in a state where they become active only when you allow them to work for you.

Using the sync settings in your LG G3 can also help you save your battery for a longer duration. To get rid of unnecessary notifications, which keep popping up on your screen and drain your phone’s battery, you can also opt for disabling the sync option for a while.

Managing your phone’s brightness, using original chargers for charging your phone, calibrating the phone’s battery to remain informed about the correct information regarding the battery, etc. are also a few methods to avoid overheating and fast drain of phone’s battery.

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