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A shopping mall is a place that attracts large footfalls as it has a number of stores, food courts, multiplexes, restrooms, large parking areas, and much more – all confined to a single building. Due to the presence of a large crowd, it can be a potential terrorist target or can be exposed to other criminal activities like vandalism or theft. To prevent any security breach, the shopping malls are generally under 24 hours security blanket.

Here are a few reasons as to why video surveillance is required in shopping malls.

Creates a Sense of Safety

With the retailers and malls installing video surveillance equipment throughout their establishments, it instills a sense of security. Both the employees and the customers feel safe and secure. It works as a deterrent for the criminals and intruders as they fear their actions will be captured and they can be nabbed.

Better Productivity

It is common knowledge that employees at any establishment – not just retail stores – work better and are more productive when the boss is around. Having a video monitoring system tends to encourage productivity even if the boss is not present physically as they know that their boss might be monitoring them remotely.

Helps in Reducing In-Store Thefts

Shoplifting, employee theft, and fraudulent activities are always a big nuisance at big retail stores. Having a proper video surveillance system in place helps in reducing this in-store theft. When an inventory is lost, the employer has no option but to recover the costs by increasing the prices. Thus, these surveillance systems also help in keeping the prices lower by reducing such thefts.

Protects Against Fraudulent Claims

In the absence of any proof, the retailers become victims of fraudulent slip-and-fall charges, which results in them paying a high penalty for legal damages. A proper video surveillance system will help in avoiding false claims as the recordings can be provided as evidence when not negligent.

Controlling the Crowd

In the case of malls hosting events or during holidays, large crowds are present in malls. It is easy for the security staff to monitor the crowd using these video surveillance systems. In case any suspicious activity is observed, they can quickly initiate action, thereby preventing larger damage or before things get out of control.

It is a nightmare for the security staff to provide security to both the public and the establishments in large venues like a shopping mall. Video surveillance systems make it easy for them to keep a watch on the entire facility.

Steve Smith

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