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More often than not, rummy players find themselves lingering on one question – online or offline rummy, which one’s better? Rummy has been a part of Indian culture for decades now. During festivities, the family gathers up for a game, exchanges gifts and sweets, etc. So, offline rummy is a good old game that brings in nostalgia and many smiles. But change is inevitable. Our busy lives make it impossible to meet all our family members and enjoy a game of rummy, so that’s where online rummy takes the cake.

Let’s take a quick look at a few parameters that make offline rummy and online rummy different from each other.


When playing offline rummy, one major issue is finding people who can play the game and convince them to. This could be both troublesome and a mood spoiler for you. However, online rummy sites are accessible 24/7 via your mobile phone or PC, so you can play when you feel like.


Cheating is rampant in offline rummy, but since online websites have anti-fraud, anti-colluding measures to monitor suspicious activities, it’s almost always impossible to cheat.

Shuffle of Cards

Shuffling cards is a form of foul play. Hence the chances of getting cheated are very high. To the contrary, rummy websites employ an automated software that ensures cards are dealt with all players without any prejudice or any favoritism.

Missing Cards

Do you have that one friend who always loses some cards from the deck? This may happen because of negligence or due to absent-mindedness. However, when you play rummy online, the cards exist are in virtual form and are always available.

Game Variants & Competitions

Most people are not aware of the several variations of rummy including, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and also Points rummy. When you go on a rummy website, you come across a lot of variations of the game and are also provided with a tutorial, helping you understand how to play the game. Additionally, many websites organize rummy tournaments to help you test yourself and grow from an amateur rummy player to a professional one.

Monetary Benefit

And lastly, monetary benefits for offline rummy and online rummy can differ. When you go online, your scope of earning real cash and gift vouchers is high. In fact in tournaments, you stand the chance of winning big cash prizes.

Hope we have helped you understand the benefits of online rummy over offline rummy. So, sign in on KhelPlay Rummy, play a good game of rummy, and start winning amazing cash prizes.

Steve Smith

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