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In this technological age of smart phones and internet ads, our eyes and brains can become weary of the constant barrage of information.  But when you arrive home after a long day and check your postal mailbox, and there’s a quiet moment to gather your thoughts, an attractive brochure might draw you in more deeply than just another on-screen ad. From a business perspective, direct mail printing can make personalized contact in a way that the internet can’t.

Whether you are a professional offering your services, a small farmer offering produce or a political activist promoting an important cause, you want to get the recipient’s attention without being annoying.  An attractive brochure can communicate a range of impressions.  A quiet, elegant design can communicate professionalism and the ability to listen to a prospective client’s needs.  A well-chosen photo of delicious food, a heart-rending disaster, or a light-hearted form of entertainment can show customers exactly what you want to convey.

Digital printing technologies have been advancing just as fast as other electronic capabilities.  To quote Target Marketing Magazine,

Starting with marks on a substrate, electrophotographic (EP) printing technology today provides options for printing white on dark substrates, using metallic colors, and a wide variety of glossy, matte and textured coatings that may be printed in-line or added in post-processing. Don’t forget options for printing with custom-formulated colors and extending the color gamut with more than the traditional four-color processes that can include light cyan, light magenta, light yellow and gray variations. If you have never worked with the new generation of digital presses, it’s worth investigating these options for your marketing collateral and direct marketing needs.¹

In addition to the actual printing technology, new machines can perform a wide variety of functions including unique cutting and folding methods, curves and shapes of various kinds, and even pop-up designs and sound recordings.  Like a fun children’s toy, a direct mail piece does not have to be boring!

The new world of direct mail can also help you target customers more effectively.  Be sure to ask your direct mail printing experts about demographic information and target marketing.  If you give it a try, you may be pleasantly surprised at the advantages and responses from your eye-catching brochures!

Steve Smith

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