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When planning to travel abroad for business or pleasure, it is common to bring electronic gadgets along with you. The gadgets are usually built for specific voltages which may not be available in the country you are visiting. 220-volt will help you to plug in your device by converting power to the correct level. The purpose of this electric device is to change the current of a power source. The most common use of the electrical devices is to change between 110220 volts.

Establish the wattage of your appliance
You should look at the labels on your devices to determine the appropriate voltage converter to use. To safely convert the electric output, you should look for a converter whose wattage is two or three times that of your device. If you are not sure about the wattage of your electric device, buy a converter whose wattage is much higher. It is important to remember that different appliances have varying needs. While smaller devices will work great with a 100W voltage converter, bigger appliances will require you to buy powerful converters.

Step up or step down?
You have to know the purpose for which you wish to get a voltage converter. If you have a 110-volt device and are taking a trip to a 220 Volt area, you will need to carry along a step up converter. A step-down converter will be useful if you are in a 220 volt area and plan to travel to a 110 volt country. There are also universal converters that can convert power both up and down. Universal voltage converters are convenient since they allow you to use your device anywhere you go.

You may need more than a power converter
Some situations will call for the use of other devices besides the voltage converter. When you are unsure about the quality of power supply and stability of voltage in your destination, it is advisable to buy a voltage regulator. This device will act as a voltage stabilizer and surge protector during the conversion process. There are voltage converters that feature an in-built voltage regulator. These converters are designed to stabilize the voltage and convert the electric output of the source.

The size of the converter
The size of the converter you choose will depend on the wattage of the appliances you want to power. A voltage converter with a much higher watt rating will not harm your device. If you buy a voltage converter that is not robust enough to power your appliances, the electric appliances will not function as expected.

Now that you have an idea of how to choose the most suitable voltage converter for your devices, you will be more at ease the next time you are taking a trip. Universal converters will eliminate the worry associated with switching between 110220 volts areas.

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