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How Can Qorus Help Your Company Succeed with Business Document Management

Feb 27, 2017

Business critical documents are essential to the success of a business. That’s why it’s very important for business owners to have a software that can create critical documents accurately and efficiently. This is where becomes very helpful. From proposals to pitches, statements of work, contracts, and RFP responses, they can handle all of that. Aside from that, here’s how they can help your business succeed.

1. Prevent Leaking of Information
Whether it’s a human-caused error, natural disaster, or business fraud, paper documents are very vulnerable and susceptible to loss. With an electronic document manage solution, you’ll be able to protect property information, as well as collective knowledge. You’ll be able to back them up, secure, and protect them from getting lost no matter what.

2. Meet Deadlines and Avoid Losing Documents
This has probably happened to a lot of business owners. They have to meet deadlines. Unfortunately, they can’t find the documents the client needs. What can be more stressful than that? This can be prevented with the use of Electronic Document Management system. You’ll be able to keep your files organized and never have to worry about losing any of them, especially when they are badly needed. By converting paper documents into digital formats, you’ll have the advantage of storing them in centralized repository where they’re easily accessible and just a few clicks away.

3. Time Saver
A content management system can help a business save time. There’s no denying that organizations produce large amounts of electronic and paper documents. To ensure that everything would be in its proper order, content management system is essential. Through this, you’ll have the assurance that no effort, time, and money would be wasted. Furthermore, the benefits of a content management system go beyond ensuring that the employees would be able to access their needed documents, it makes it a point that these documents can easily be found right away.

4. Cost Effective
You’ll be able to lower paper-handling costs, simplify business continuity planning and reduce downtime in case sometime bad happens. Most importantly, you’ll be able to reuse the space needed for paper storage for other purposes.

5. Improves Revenue Generation
Employees waste an average of 30 minutes a day, and if this happens on a constant basis, they’ll be losing 16 days a year from searching documents. If you’ll talk about business efficiency, this definitely isn’t good for the company. Likewise, the waste of money also increases when middle manages can’t find the lost information and they have to recreate it again. Not just that, it could also lead to poor decision-making, and regulatory risk. Both can put the business in great danger. With a content management system, you’ll have immediate access to information that will allow you to make sound decisions which would be good for the company. Likewise, your employees would be able to work more efficiently, support their work processes, and make better-informed choices. They’ll also be able to review, annotate, and work with documents. Without a doubt, this would definitely increase productivity while accelerating the business and keeping your customers well-satisfied.


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How to Maximize Your Non-profit’s Fundraising

Feb 14, 2017

In the United States alone, there are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. These include small, local oriented groups to large, well-renown national foundations. The NCCS reports that individuals gave approximately $258.51 billion in 2014, a 5.7 increase from the year prior, and these individuals make up approximately 72 percent of all funds for non-profit organizations.

Since the greatest donors come from people themselves as opposed to foundations or corporations, maximizing fundraising includes utilizing the methods of reaching out to individuals. A fast method of reaching the most people for donations would be through using donor software. Taking advantage of the internet and human interest can tremendously impact the support of your nonprofit organization.

According to Giving USA, more than $22 billion was given online in 2010. The internet has become a common entity in American life. Webpages and social media can expedite the message of your nonprofit and provide a platform for individuals, while using donor software to help organize information.

When providing a webpage for you nonprofit, be sure that your page is branded in a uniform fashion, as well clean-cut. It must be persistent, strategic and professional. According to npEngage, using compelling, straight-forward images will help grab attention of the viewer of your website. Don’t be afraid to make fundraising the most important element on a page, call to action is connection to the source of reason, strong imagery, not obnoxious with donate button.

Make donating simple. Be sure online donation forms are easily accessible and straight-forward in order to not fluster the one donating. For an online donation page, the page may just consist of what is needed for the donation, clear of all navigation, search boxes and columns. Giving levels of amounts to choose from may also help to make donating more simple, as well as encourage potential donors to give more.

Donor software can be used to organize information gathered from online donation pages. It will help track donor names, amounts and contact information as well. Keeping record of donations and individual donors is key to maximizing nonprofit funds by maintaining the relationship between donor and organization post donation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, donors appreciate public recognition and human interest stories regarding the use of their money. Take advantage of social media prevalence to remain connected to donors. Keep potential donors informed of the nonprofit’s doings as well as mentioning donors in posts for public recognition.

Lastly, be transparent of your non-profit’s intentions, and always use security software in order to build confidence of donors. Potential donors want to feel secure in their decision to donate. Organization of a history of donors can be used to send confirmation email receipts to ease donors and help them be sure their money is going to a legitimate source.

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Factors to Consider in Deciding on Staffing Software

Feb 10, 2017

As technology continues to advance, more and more recruiting agencies are realizing the numerous benefits of relying on staffing software. In the hands of well-trained employees, staffing software has numerous benefits including the ability for employees to communicate more efficiently, a variety of ways to solve problems quickly, and frees up management staff to focus on other issues. When companies are looking to invest in this kind of software, it is important that they take the time to select the software that best suits their needs. With this in mind, what are some of the most important factors to consider?

Define the Goals of the Business

This doesn’t mean just focusing on the bottom line but also thinking about the goals along the way. The software should help your team to reach those goals and some software programs specialize in certain industries. For example, software that is meant for the manufacturing industry might not be best for a healthcare system or a large financial institution. Try to define the purpose of the software before moving forward. This will ensure that your recruiting agency selects the best software to suit those needs.

Think About the Budget

Everyone knows that the budget is important and busting the cap on the budget can quickly put any business in dire straits. In addition to taking a look at the price tag on the software, remember to think about any ancillary costs that might arise. Does the software require constant updates that cost extra money? Is there any preventative maintenance that needs to be performed? These could wind up costing the business a significant amount of money that they weren’t planning on spending. Make sure to stay under budget.

What are the Capabilities of the Software?

As the years have gone by, this kind of software has undergone a significant amount of modernization and possesses a wide range of abilities that were only dreams in the past. Some of these important advances are below.

Saas Software: This stands for software as a service and gives many employees to work remotely or from mobile devices. If this kind of flexibility matters for the business, look for software with this capability.

Social Recruiting: Many software programs today have the ability to use social networking tools to find employees with the right skills for your client. This might be something to keep in mind.

Software Compatability: The software needs to be compatible with the machines of your client. Consider the computer type, operating system, and the dates on the software in comparison to the software. Make sure the software and the computers can talk to each other or the software may not function.

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Why Architectural CAD Services Should Use Bricks For Buildings

Feb 10, 2017

Undoubtedly, brick is one of the most favored building materials of architects. In fact, architectural CAD services can use brick effectively for many modern projects. Of course, other building materials like vinyl, steel, and concrete are considered “vogue” in the world of construction. However, brick is such a beautiful and sturdy material that it continues to be used in many architecture projects. Here are a few reasons architectural CAD services should use bricks for projects that must follow AIA CAD Layer Guidelines.

Brick Is Environmentally Friendly

One major reason architectures should use brick is that it is an environmentally friendly material. Nowadays, more and more people are recognizing the importance of preserving and protecting the environment. Those who are dedicated to protecting the environment should avoid building materials that need artificial constituents and a high energy source to be produced. Brick is produced with natural materials like shale and clay. In order to make bricks, a kiln is used for the vitrification process of clay and shale. This vitrification process makes brick incredibly strong and durable.

Brick Has Been Used for Thousands of Years

Designers have used brick for architecture projects for thousands of years. Brick was used by the Indians, Egyptians, and Romans. Later on, Americans and Europeans also adopted the use of brick. The bricks of today are far better than the bricks of the past. The process for producing modern bricks is more stringent. Therefore, modern bricks are consistently strong and durable.

Brick Offers Excellent Protection Against Elements

Architectural CAD services should use brick because it offers excellent protection against the elements. Clay is the main ingredient of brick. In order to make brick, the clay is heated to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes brick incredibly resistant against fire. In fact, brick is one of the building materials that can pass the “one hour fire test” will little to no issue. On the other hand, many other building materials are destroyed in just a few minutes. Brick also offers excellent wind and moisture protection.

Brick Requires Less Maintenance

In comparison to other building materials, brick requires little maintenance. Brick remains looking beautiful and new for much longer than other building materials. You won’t have to worry about brick rotting or denting. Termites are also not a concern for brick. There is no need to paint or cover up exposed brick. In fact, brick is available in my shapes, styles, and colors.

Brick has remained incredibly popular among architects for thousands of years, and for good reason. Undoubtedly, brick is an excellent choice for architectural CAD services. For more information about why bricks should be used for projects that must follow AIA CAD Layer Guidelines, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Choosing the Most Suitable Power Converter

Feb 10, 2017

When planning to travel abroad for business or pleasure, it is common to bring electronic gadgets along with you. The gadgets are usually built for specific voltages which may not be available in the country you are visiting. 220-volt will help you to plug in your device by converting power to the correct level. The purpose of this electric device is to change the current of a power source. The most common use of the electrical devices is to change between 110220 volts.

Establish the wattage of your appliance
You should look at the labels on your devices to determine the appropriate voltage converter to use. To safely convert the electric output, you should look for a converter whose wattage is two or three times that of your device. If you are not sure about the wattage of your electric device, buy a converter whose wattage is much higher. It is important to remember that different appliances have varying needs. While smaller devices will work great with a 100W voltage converter, bigger appliances will require you to buy powerful converters.

Step up or step down?
You have to know the purpose for which you wish to get a voltage converter. If you have a 110-volt device and are taking a trip to a 220 Volt area, you will need to carry along a step up converter. A step-down converter will be useful if you are in a 220 volt area and plan to travel to a 110 volt country. There are also universal converters that can convert power both up and down. Universal voltage converters are convenient since they allow you to use your device anywhere you go.

You may need more than a power converter
Some situations will call for the use of other devices besides the voltage converter. When you are unsure about the quality of power supply and stability of voltage in your destination, it is advisable to buy a voltage regulator. This device will act as a voltage stabilizer and surge protector during the conversion process. There are voltage converters that feature an in-built voltage regulator. These converters are designed to stabilize the voltage and convert the electric output of the source.

The size of the converter
The size of the converter you choose will depend on the wattage of the appliances you want to power. A voltage converter with a much higher watt rating will not harm your device. If you buy a voltage converter that is not robust enough to power your appliances, the electric appliances will not function as expected.

Now that you have an idea of how to choose the most suitable voltage converter for your devices, you will be more at ease the next time you are taking a trip. Universal converters will eliminate the worry associated with switching between 110220 volts areas.

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Factors That Favor the Growth of the Used Car Industry in India

Feb 9, 2017

India’s automobile sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the increase of new cars and new models, the used car industry is also booming. The used car industry will reach up to 9 million vehicles by 2020, as per a report by SIAM.

Indian families are money conscious and the fact is that the depreciation rate is up to 30% on a new car in the first year of purchase itself. So, people prefer buying a used car to be a better option. Nearly 75 to 80 percent of the new vehicle purchases are done by using bank loans at high rates of interest. Used cars give higher flexibility as the market is wide and the options are more and most importantly there’s the price advantage. The price plays a vital role in the growth of used car as economical prices of pre-owned cars help all types of buyers. Valuation of second hand cars in Mumbai or any big city remains more or less the same.

Some of the used car dealers depend on rural India because people from rural area prefer buying second hand cars rather than new one because it fits their budget. The used car market is big with wide range of varieties at reasonable prices, which is one of the major factors for the tremendous growth of used the car industry.

Indian families are big in size and there are families that need more than 2 to 3 cars. In such cases, used cars seem to be a more economically viable option.

There are people who want to upgrade their vehicle at least once in a year. So, upgrading to a bigger, better model at a lower budget is possible just because of used car availability.

Internet is also one of the major players contributing to the growth of used car industry. People can do the transactions and finalize the deals sitting at home. This is the medium through which customers connect to the sellers.

The modern technology is so efficient that cars run without troubling the owner for years. So, the technology ensures that second hand cars equipped with modern technology can provide awesome ownership experience.

Infrastructure too plays a vital role in the growth of used car industry. Our country has made remarkable progress in building new roads, highways, railway lines, plants etc., which is a major drive for the growth of auto industry for both used and new cars.

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What Should Be Done To Fix the Problem of Overheating and Battery Drain in LG G3

Feb 4, 2017

LG is one of the leading manufacturers of various technically developed products like washing machine, television, freeze, etc. This brand also produces mobile phones, and LG phones are quite liked by people over the past few years. However, some issues like fast battery drain, slow charging of the phone and overheating has been registered by the users in the past few days.

These are the issues consumers of LG G3 are facing and because of that a question has been raised regarding the quality of products produced. Is it really the company’s fault or people are using the phone in a wrong way?

Well, we commit a number of mistakes while using our phone and that results in negative outcome such as overheating of the phone or battery drain at a higher speed.

Reasons behind the issue with LG G3

 A number of reasons can be blamed for fast battery drain in the phone. Installation of an excessive number of applications in your phone, which consumes a lot of power if remained, turned on all the time, not using a battery saver app, not wiping cached data at particular time intervals, not updating software present in your phone, etc. are some of the major reasons.

A lot of gaming applications present in your phone and use of GPS of your phone to track any location at social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can also be some of the reasons for fast battery drain of your LG G3.

A lot of consumers have complained that LG G3 battery drains while charging or it gets charged quite slowly when in use. Well, this is the issue with a lot of Android phones and that’s why it is suggested to keep your phone free or in airplane mode to charge it fast.

Solutions to stop fast battery drain

Closing the running app, which you may be unaware of, is one of the solutions to save your phone’s battery. To do so, you should visit the settings, choose apps and see the running apps by swiping the apps option to left. After that, you can select and stop the irrelevant apps that are contributing to the battery drain of your phone.

If you are a user of LG G3, you must download Greenify, which is a battery saver app specially designed for phones like LG G3. This app keeps all the applications present in your device in a state where they become active only when you allow them to work for you.

Using the sync settings in your LG G3 can also help you save your battery for a longer duration. To get rid of unnecessary notifications, which keep popping up on your screen and drain your phone’s battery, you can also opt for disabling the sync option for a while.

Managing your phone’s brightness, using original chargers for charging your phone, calibrating the phone’s battery to remain informed about the correct information regarding the battery, etc. are also a few methods to avoid overheating and fast drain of phone’s battery.

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